Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – Thoughts

After finishing work early tonight. I thought I would have a look and see if there was any decent movies on. Unbeknownst me Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was just starting. Fuck Yes. Had been looking forward to this one for a while. One of the first movies Ive seen since Room 1408 that I had no idea what the story was. And I loved it. Best way to watch a movie, hands down, is to not know a thing about it. Even though how hugely popular the series is, I’ve still managed to avoid any details. Even though so many people I know have claimed to have read the book, they still didn’t say shit. Thanks Mum.

Anyways, I’m a little biased because the movie featured Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who did a masterful job with The Social Network (which I still listen too every week).  The music is brillant in this one as well. Very cold and chilling.

I’ll be short. Daniel Craig deserves Best Actor. Rooney Mara deserves Best Actress. Both amazing. Beautifully Shot.

And just a last word. I don’t care if you prefer the book or the swedish versions. This is not an Americanisation of the books/movies. It doesn’t have cliche characters, short running time or anything that defines a mainstream Hollywood film. Don’t compare this to the other versions. This is just David Fincher’s execution of an awesome book. And what a fucking execution.

So happy that I can see a Muppets movie and a David Fincher movie at the cinema in the same month.


1. HIPSTERS & Their Shitty Photos.
I’m so fucking bored/sick to death of hipsters and their photos. I don’t care if you live in a house with your friends and you’ve made dinner. I don’t care if you used a shitty filter from an iphone app. I don’t care if you discovered using flash on your SLR camera at night to only light the faces. I don’t care you like to smoke and take pictures of it. Your pretentious, unoriginal photos are the bane of my visual existence. It’s not fancy or cool if all you do is long exposure to fucking draw something with a light. Do yourself a favour and draw yourself an original idea.

Facebook is like having a girlfriend, but without the sex. You have to listen to these teenage girls whinge and moan about their fucking day like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Your eating habits/”awkward moments” are dead shit boring. And so are you.

3. “Celebrity Spottings”
I do not care who the fuck you saw today at the airport or who you had at work. Because guess what, about 156 people saw that shitty singer walking around the same shitholes you like to hang around.

4. Discovering Yourself.
I don’t care what “new” lease on life you have. The guy/girl you want, still doesn’t want to fuck you.

5. Revealing Photos
Next time your at the pool or at the beach, maybe take a picture of it. Not your crotch……..wait…….keep doing that.

6. Alcohol
Hung-Over? Or desperate to tell people that you went out last night because your fly.

7. Humour
“That awkward moment” has never been funny and never will.

8. Head Tilts.
Tilting your head doesn’t make you look hot or your hair look longer. You just look like a crazy person out from the asylum on a day-pass

9. Shitty Tattoo’s
Define “Good” Tattoo.

10. Offensive.
The number one reason I wan’t to get off Facebook is because I can’t actually say anything of my own thinking unless its a link to a video or just plain information. I’m scared of who I’ll offend out of all the people I have no contact with anymore, family, friends, pets and professional colleagues. Thus why, I’m going to try to use this blog. No Photos of me. Only text. Im ugly as fuck anyway.

Top 10-ish Albums of 2011

Just a quick list of all my 10 top albums that I’ve listened too this year. I’m not going to put this in order but I’ll put my no.1 first anyway. This year was a very weird year. Feels like most of this music is a sign that music is changing rapidly; which is a good thing. Anyways enough of my radical ideas. Here is my top 10 and quick explanations why.


This album was probably my most anticipated this year, mostly due to my favourite album of 2010 coming from Kanye West last year. When Watch the Throne was finally released, I bought it day 1 within hours of it going live. On the first listen it kicked my arse. It had awesome samples, raps, beats; everything I expect from Kanye. What surprised me was how stunning Jay-Z was. It was the first Jay-Z album I’ve ever experienced in full. The dark lyrics from “No Church in the Wild” to the amazing end rap in “Who Gon Stop Me”, just floored me in how much intellectual depth rap can have. Kanye West is more emotional rap, but when accompanied by Jay-Z’s military precision rap, the album grabs your attention the whole way.

The music production is flawlessly experimental (if that makes any sense), mostly because there are so many risks. Otis is completely cut up/edited/sampled from one song and turned from a slow soulful song to a masterpiece of a psych up song. Off-beats, crazy arrangements, guitar riffs. Even if your not a fan of this type of music, it simply just must be heard to understand where I’m coming from. The album is a true testament to why people should stop giving shit about West’s so called ego and just listen to the fucking music.


Not straying from the usual formula too much, but still an amazing album. Lonely Boy is going to bring them some mainstream attention, which is about time because this band deserves the bitches and hot-tubs. Mainstream isn’t bad unless they flog the shit out of the song, which will ultimately happen. Also makes me miss The White Stripes when I hear the amazing bluesy solo’s. Good Damn Album.


New album without singer/guitarist Tyondai Braxton. And it was probably for the better. Now the band has guest singers which kind of gives the band an endless canvas to work with. Instead of limiting themselves to certain formulas on previous albums, they can now take any direction they want. Awesome rhythm sections, crazy timing and just an all round addictive album to do cocaine too, if your so inclined.


Best definition of a grower album. I liked it the first time I listened to it but left it alone for a while. Then my brain started remembering all the songs and made me miss it immensely. Really hard album to get into but totally worth the pay-off.


Good party album.


Do not listen to this album. You could probably put up for my Kanye West obsession but this the blackest I get. Jordan Quilty has taken a huge obsession as well. Crazy album with just weird everything and very minimalist. Raps that are really scary as well, which makes it damn interesting. Overall; crazy, weird and a little offensive to women/midgets/teachers/men/dogs


Straight up blues/soul album that is really heavy and packs a punch. Guitar is loud, drums are cool. A must listen because Alison Mosshart is one of the rare female vocalists who is original and kinda hot.


First good Foo Fighters album in a long time, which kind of reminds me of The Colour and the Shape album. The last band I’m seeing this year, their chances of topping TOOL, DEFTONES, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, KANYE WEST, THE DRONES are slim but let’s see what they pull out.


Well written and produced. One of the best mixed albums I’ve ever heard.


Really new direction for Maynard James Keenan, but I heard he has a really big ego, which must mean the music sucks.

Honourable Mentions:

Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief

Danielle Lupi & Danger Mouse – Rome

Foster the People – Torches

Future of the Left – Polymers are Forever EP

Who Will Survive in Sydney

Incase I havent talked to you in 2 weeks, keep it up, because I’m really annoying to talk to. If you are the unlucky few that I have regular conversations with, you would know that I’m moving to Sydney. In the same way Michael Jordan went to Golf, Bob Dylan went electric and how David Bowie went to space.I shall be living in Sydney as long as Sydney needs me.

Didn’t really announce my soon departure on FaceBook, mainly because of time travel consequences. And a small part is that FaceBook is becoming a really dirty place. A place full of pedophiles, stalkers, drug dealers, drug addicts and many examples of why we might be in the process of de-evolution. Infact these are some of the very reasons of why I’m leaving the Gold Coast.

So if I didn’t see you in the past weeks, or you didn’t hear about the move. I apologize, but I really had to get stuff sorted and not get bogged down in seeing lots of people before I leave. I will be flying up to the coast now and then to catch up with people who even care.

I’m sure most of you won’t even care but I’d just thought I make my current residing city known to people. I might move to Alderaan after Sydney, I’ve heard it’s a really safe place to live. Google it.

“Anyways”, goodbye Gold Coast. 19 Years later of entering you from the ether, I leave you now while you are curled up in the fetal position wondering when Zane will ever be back.

To Be Continued…..

Impressions: RHCP – I’m With You

Just got the new album and have skimmed over it over the space of a few days. So far, so good. The drums are crazy good. RHCP has always had the best rhythm section with chad and flea. They have really made an album that reminds me of stuff like One Hot Minute and even older albums like Mother’s Milk. I like the album so far, but will it be better than the awesome Stadium Arcadium? Only 20,000 listens will tell.

Music Review: Gotye – Making Mirrors

Gotye has finally “came” back (reference to his old/better album). This album was finally released on the 18th of August. 5 years since the last one, Like Drawing Blood. It has felt like really long time since the last one, because the last album is timeless in every aspect. Every song on Like Drawing Blood is so intricate and well written. Unfortunately Making Mirrors is Like Drawing Blood‘s midget brother, really short and not as entertaining as you thought having a midget brother was going to be.

Making Mirror’s has suffered from new LP’s biggest enemy. Overplayed Singles. Somebody That I Used to Know and Eyes Wide Open have been played so often on radio that they dont feel like they fit into the record. They are good songs but its a sad thing when I keep clicking those songs and skipping the others. My brother always told me to never over-listen singles of albums before you hear the whole thing or as a result the rest of the album won’t feel as cohesive. That wise piece of advise has never been proven wrong. Except the only thing is, I reckon those songs would’ve sticked out even if I didn’t hear them before the LP was released. They are much better than the rest of the content.

The album feels very messy. Unlike it’s predecessor, the songs feel unfinished and not as entertaining or as of high calibre to fit onto a Gotye record. The title track is the opening of the album, and it’s really short. I know it’s meant to be short because it’s the opener, my problem is that the song has so much potential to be a really great full length song. Unlike State of the Artwhich gets the longest song on the record.  State of the Art  made me think that this song was literally a joke. The song is constantly sung by this deep digitalized voice which is super annoying. And you can tell that this song is trying to replicate the greatness of Like Drawing Blood’s heavily sampled song A Distinctive Sound. The new album isn’t all bad, it has some redeeming qualities.

Personally, I feel the best songs of the album are Somebody That I Used To Know, Eyes Wide Open and Bronte. They all have an atmosphere and really have their own individual moods. They are all fleshed out songs and have had a lot of time put into them. The rest of the album are full of George Michael acoustic riffs, annoying vocals and a lot of similar sounds and beats to Like Drawing Blood.

It’s very hard for such a unique and Avant-garde artist to sound very boring and familiar. I wish I liked this album more. The production qualities are great and I admit it would be very hard the follow your own personal masterpiece. It just needed more imagination and ironically more time (even though it’s been 5 years since the last record). Oh well, back to Watch the Throne.